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ShojonoTomo, as its name suggests “Friend Of The Child” in Japanese, is an artist who draws on theme of souls of “eternal children”.

Gaining a reputation through exhibiting not only paintings and three-dimensional objects, but also interactive art works such as “Marry Me Socks”, a wedding for a sock lost the other pair, and “Kimutakunology” incorporating mobile phone technology to create a telephone dating club box.

Her unique perspectives on arts, Japanese-natured expressions and visuals are well-received; the International Museum of Sweden has invited her to exhibit “neo 753 (HICHIGOSAN)”.

She also created an official logo and mascot character for “Crazy Kawaii in Paris”. Her live performances, a Double Tee Shirt project, representing body contact of two people, and other works have been broadcasted by various media.

These works by Shojono Tomo have been introduced continuously both to her home country of Japan and abroad through the costume design for Nicki Minaj, an American rapper, and collaborations with apparel and toy companies.

The Artwork

  • 1992.8

    1. Extibition "StripTeter" At Gallery La Fenice (JAPAN)
  • 1992

    1. Face Magain Intrdouced To ShojonoTomo (UK)
  • 1993

    1. Karl Film Festival Animation Presentation (GERMAN)
  • 1996

    1. Siberia Magazine Japanese Page Serialization (UK)
  • 1998

    1. National TV Appearance (AUSTRIA)
  • 2000

    1. New York Underground Film Festival Animation (USA)
  • 2006

    1. Bigbros Workshop Collected Character Book "I Love U Baby" (USA)
    2. Shima Hair Show Fashion Collaboration At Ebis Garden Holl (JAPAN)
    3. Modorrra Fasion And Art Show (Spain)
    4. Beams B Gallery Exhibition (JAPAN)
    5. Bunny Q Exhibition Customized Toys (HONKONG)
  • 2007

    1. Friendly Monster Alphabet Book (Australia)
  • 2008.November

    1. Design Tide Tokyo At Theory Aoyama Bell Commons & Omotesando Hills (JAPAN)
  • 2008.December-2009

    1. Art Installation at Analou in London (UK)
  • 2009.jun.13

    1. Picture Book Group Exhibition In Paris (FRANCE)
  • 2009.September-2010.January

    1. Exhibition "Kimono Fusion" In Stockholm (SWEDEN)
  • 2010.September-2011.May

    1. Exhibition "Kimono Fusion 2" In Goteborg (SWEDEN)
  • 2010.September-October

    1. Idealistically Hypocritical At Compound Gallery In Portland (USA)
  • 2010.October

    1. Interactive Art Show For "Hart Brake Socks" At Tokyu Hands In Shibuya (JAPN)
  • 2011.August

    1. Nicki Minaj Fasion At MTV Video Music Awards (USA)
    2. Tainted Urbanism Exhibiton (JAPAN)
  • 2011.September

    1. Nicki Minaj Fasion At Fashion Week In New York (USA)
  • 2012.Murch

    1. Stage Clothes Production For Nicki Minaj (USA)
    2. Pop Up Shop And Exhibition At Munky King Gallery (USA)
  • 2012.April

    1. G40 Exhibition In Art Whino Gallery In Detroit (USA)
  • 2012.May

    1. My Little Pony Custom Toy Exhibition BY Hasbro's in Los Angeles (USA)
  • 2012.June

    1. Pop Up Shop & Exhibition With Onch Movement At Royal-T In Los Angeles (USA)
  • 2012.October

    1. My Little Pony Project New York (USA)
  • 2013.April

    1. Art Nominoichi At Roppongi Hills UMU (JAPAN)
  • 2013.May

    1. Fight For Your Right Exhibition In Los Angeles (USA)
    2. Young Art Taipei 2013 (Taipei)
  • 2013.August

    1. Skate Board Art Exhibition at Gallery Conceal Shibuya (JAPAN)
  • 2013.September

    1. Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris (FRANCE)
  • 2013.October.26-29

    1. Art Fair Ultra006 At Spiral (JAPAN)
  • 2013.November-2014.January

    1. Fonzo Custom Toy Exhibition In Los Angeles (USA)
  • 2013.December

    1. Power Rangers Presents "20 Rangers For 20 Years" Los Angeles(USA)
  • 2014

    1. FEB NHK Word TV Stage Set (JAPAN)
  • 2014.April

    1. Ooedo Nippon Musum Art & Fashion Show (JAPAN)
  • 2014.June.10-22

    1. Shibuya Seibu 8F Who By Art Vol.2 By (JAPAN)
  • 2014.July.10-14

    1. Hand Made Korea 2014 Exhibition Shop (JAPAN)
  • 2014.August

    1. Club King "Oppai Exhibition" (JAPAN)
  • 2015.February

    1. Maturi & Yukata Project At Rooms 30(New Brand Tortue 'EX;ShojonoTomo') (JAPAN)
  • 2015.March.5-8

    1. New City Art Fair, Japanese Contemporary Art (USA)
  • 2015.May

    1. Sanrio My Melody 20th Anniversary (TAIPEI)
  • 2015.June

    1. Pop Up Shop At Laforet Harajuku (JAPAN)
  • 2015.September

    1. Solo Exhibition "Y if you will, N if you won’t" At Tav Gallary (JAPAN)
  • 2015.December

    1. Art Fair PlusUltra 2015 At Spiral (JAPAN)
  • 2016.February

    1. NeoSyunga Group Exhibition At Art Lab Tokyo (JAPAN)