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About reversion and the image use of the copyright

ShojonoTomo administers this website, and the copyright belongs to ShojonoTomo. Regardless of profit / non-profit, an individual / a group / a company, I do not recognize what a copy / processing / distribution publishes the books such as contents carried in this website and all image data, animation data, music data, sound data, text data without prior consent of ShojonoTomo again and does.

In addition, it is determined "replication for private use" in the Copyright Act about image use on the Internet, but it is prescribed with what I "use in a limited range following for an individual or others this in-home" with the private use of this case. In other words it is to say that I do not fall under "private use" even if it is the use in the personal homepage that is a non-commercial purpose when it uses a book at the Internet top.

About link policy

The link to this website is free as a general rule. Please inform it by an email. I link from this place if I can have communication. The link for please. When I link, please specify it with a site of artist "ShojonoTomo". Please use any of the following on the occasion of the use in a banner.

In addition, I ask to have you contact it beforehand when it is introduced other than a net. I am sorry, but please refrain from religion, an adult site and the shopping site without the indication of the law (the mail order method) about door-to-door sales.